Discover The Top Summer Interior Design Trends

Summer is officially here and with all the fun that comes with summer, how about having some fun with interior design? Summer is a time for fresh vibes, new ideas, and more energy, so why not let this spread into your home? Here are our top 5 sizzling summer interior design trends to follow.

Using natural fibers in interior design never gets old. They are back big time and one of our top summer interior design ideas.They’re great for adding texture to your design and are an excellent talking point. Keep an eye out for gorgeous handmade cushions and rugs. Raffia is making an entrance and it’s new to the world of interior design trends! It’s being used to make material for cushions, curtains, and upholstery, as well as feature lighting and even furniture.

Summer used to mean out with the old and in with the new, but not this season. Old fashioned is the new fashion when it comes to summer interior designs. But what does the term ‘granny patterns’ mean? Think floral patterns, busy fabrics and plenty of trim. Keep this look up to date and fresh by selecting more modern-style fabrics, but pattern is key here. You want your interior design ideas to be busy and you want them to be colorful. Focus on patterned sofas, cushions, curtains, and wallpaper to bring nana chic into your home.   

Summer is all about bright colors and fresh vibes, and tropical interior design trends encompass that entirely. Green and yellow hues brighten up your home and help you embrace summer; white backgrounds help colors pop and stop prints from being overbearing. If you’re shy about bold print, start off small with cushion covers and art to brighten up the place – your summer interior designs will soon be full of palm fronds.

When does white not look super classy? White brightens up any space and helps your room look stylish. White on white is taking this season by storm, and interior design after interior design is light, bright and white. Some of you may be fearful of light colors, but don’t be afraid! Research your materials and you’ll soon find plenty of stain resistant and cleanable fabrics on the market. Accent white rooms with dark wood and natural tones here and there, to mix it up and keep the eye moving around the room.

Pops of color are always popular interior design trends, but they’re getting smaller and smaller. Think wallpaper with a small, yet bright pattern on it and the same goes for soft furnishings like curtains and cushions. Painting chair legs a different and contrasting color is a great way to sneak in a bold statement (as well as a great summer design trend) and it’s something you can do yourself if you are into DIY and creating your own interior design pieces. Mix and match textures and patterns with this look, but make sure you don’t overwhelm the room.

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