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Specializing in the Chicagoland residential market, LIV Partners offers a comprehensive approach to buying and selling. “Our team is hyper-focused on anticipating a client’s needs, reviewing the benchmarks in all of our timelines, securing checkpoints, and putting people in place to streamline the process,” Ridolfo explains.

For sellers, LIV taps a network of professionals to redesign, declutter, and professionally stage a home prior to marketing the property, ensuring that it sells quickly and for the highest price possible.

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"Most sellers tell us now that their home looks so wonderful they don’t want to sell it," she says.

"It is extremely important for us to position each client’s property in the best light in order to get the buyers emotionally attached."

Combining more than a decade of experience and the strengths of three notable real estate agents with a passion for helping their clients, LIV Partners is one of the most sought-after real estate teams in the Chicago area, specializing in the northwest suburbs.

Married couple Vince and Stefanie Ridolfo kickstarted the business when they realized their passions aligned. They, along with partner Gina Crawmer, have all grown up or lived in Schaumburg, Illinois, putting them in touch with Chicago's roots and cultural scene.

While they may have different educational backgrounds, Ridolfos and Gina share one aligned vision for the team. Above all else, the LIV Partners value giving their clients the tools they need to understand the ever-changing market.

Two things that set the team apart from its competitors are their consultative approach and strong knowledge of the local housing market. Clients are given an option for complimentary staging coupled with updates to improve upon their selling methods, and the team has one of the best digital marketing strategies in the business.

With a strong network of connections and knowledge on all aspects of the business, the combined efforts of the team are sure to gain trust among even the most hesitant buyers.

In addition to their constant accessibility, outstanding time management skills, and adaptability, each team member is a natural-born leader in their own right. In addition to being great problem solvers, they enjoy the hustle of the business and have excellent communication skills. When you need an advocate to help you navigate the industry, Gina, Vince, and Stefanie have your back, priding themselves on always having their clients' best interests in mind.

The best part is, once you get involved with LIV Partners, you're likely to make sincere and long-lasting relationships, as they enjoy guiding people from each groundbreaking milestone to the next. Whether you're buying your first house, downsizing, or even planning on retiring, you can feel safe and secure with the exceptional members of the LIV Partners by your side.

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Our team is hyper-focused on anticipating a client’s needs, reviewing the benchmarks in all of our timelines, securing checkpoints to ensure we are selling quickly for top dollar. Seller Resource LIV’s proprietary approach to real estate was built on our exclusive 3 step selling process which includes complimentary Staging when you hire LIV Partners. 
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